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Summer Camp Donations

$20 donates a yoga mat 

$40 donates a microphone

$50 helps fund one hour of instruction

Amazon Wishlist for FreedOM Youth Yoga also helps!

Thank you so much for helping us deliver yoga across Atlanta!

Our Mission

Freedom Youth Yoga delivers mindful movement and breathing practices to kids and teens in the Atlanta area, especially those from underserved communities. 


Our programs instill lifelong skills to improve mental and physical health, build resilience, navigate life's complexities, focus intentions, and empower authenticity.

Current Projects


Accelerated Accessibility of Youth Yoga

We take yoga to schools, classrooms, parks, community centers, summer camps, family events, and anywhere else where metro Atlanta preschoolers, kids, and teens already are.  In classes that range from 20 to 90 minutes, participants practice yoga poses, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. 


Youth Yoga Army

Adults from underserved communities in the Atlanta are invited to apply for a scholarship to a program that will train to deliver instruction of yoga to kids and teens.  These new instructors are then guided through the process of establishing a kids' yoga business, marketing, finding venues and participants, and establishing regularly scheduled events and classes.


Freedom Through Yoga

We are developing programs that will serve young people who are at risk of participating in the Juvenile Court System.   Kids and teens will learn tools for focusing on their education, ways to calm themselves to reduce violent outbursts, and methods to establish lifelong healthy mental and physical habits.

Yoga at Home

1-on-1 Yoga Classes

Our Projects

The Focus of Our Efforts

Women Holding Hands

Donations Keep Us Going!

Many classes are offered on a "donations" basis

Classes and Series

We offer classes and one-on-ones for preschoolers, kids, teens, and adults

Specially Crafted Courses for Specific Groups

We love to build events, classes, and courses for specific groups like Girls Scouts,adults with disabilities,ADHD boys,etc. Our community's diversity is its strength, and we relish the idea of crafting yoga practice to fit individualized needs.

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